CertiPlus Certified Expert in Ethical Hacking Certification: Decoding the technology

Ethical Hacker certification will enhance your ability to assess and analyze computer systems security to protect your corporate infrastructure. This Certification tests your capabilities in using penetration testing tools to evaluate computer systems and....


This extensive ethical hacking certification focuses on 20 of the most popular security domains to provide a practical approach to essential security systems. You will learn to assess computer system security by using penetration testing techniques; scan, test and...

Who should opt
The Ethical Hacking Certification is best suited for:
  • Network security officers and practitioners
  • Site administrators
  • IS/IT specialist, analyst, or manager
  • IS/IT auditor or consultant....
Why you should get this Certification

This ethical hacking certification will help you:

  • Grasp the step-by-step methodology and tactics that hackers use to penetrate network systems
  • Understand the finer nuances of trojans, backdoors, and countermeasures
  • Get a better understanding of...
What are the prerequisites for the Certification

For Ethical Hacker Certification, there is no specific eligibility criteria but...

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